Me Made May 2018 Week One + 3 Days

As promised, here’s a recap of my Week One Me Made May 2018 posts! I’m thoroughly enjoying my commitment to wear something I’ve made every day. Watch for more Weekly Recaps every Friday!


Are you joining in? I hope so. It’s never too late! If you need some incentive, click here to find out why I think you should give it a go.

Day One – Sproulet Lark Tee With Messed Up & Fixed Sleeves

May has become my favorite sewing month and I was excited to start! For Day One I wore one of my Grainline Studio Lark Tees with the pattern’s fabulous scoopy neck. The fabric is yummy 100% Organic Cotton from Birch Fabrics. I learned about how to mess up and then fix the width of a cap sleeve on this one. There’s a blog post about my sleeve story and it links to three more Larks, too – click here.

Day Two – Ebony Tee Stripe Bonanza

We had sun in the Pacific Northwest on Day Two!! Pretty exciting stuff!  My watercolor stripe knit Closet Case Patterns Ebony Tee was perfect for the lovely evening. The deck of our pastor’s house looks out over a sweeping valley and it was a great photo op for my sweeping Ebony top. A little bit of wind, but photo-hubby got good pictures before dinner began. I really love this raglan top and it’s fabulous flow and drape! The pattern includes a set in sleeve and dress length, too.

Day Three – Asymmetrical Tunic Squeezes In

The picture that almost didn’t get taken! My Me Made May routine involves hubby coming home, the two of us running outside, taking pictures and then running back inside so I can finish fixing dinner. Except on Day Three. DH missed his bus, had to take a detour bus route and got home half an hour late. And, I thought “no problem, I’ll keep cooking and we’ll do pics after we eat.” But, of course I forgot about the spill factor! I think I covered it up pretty well with photo editing, but my spill may still show in the neckline close up. Oh, well, this is real life, right?!? I’m wearing the Indygo Junction Asymmetrical Tunic stitched in Shannon Fabrics Embrace Double Gauze. It’s SO comfy, I love this pattern and we got a picture despite my spill!

Day Four – Drapey Tunic With Dogs

I kind of went to the dogs on Day Four and the one closest to me looks a bit like I’m intruding! Our town is known for its annual Basset Bash and this Shelley Curtiss sculpture is called “Waiting for the Parade”. I’m wearing Simplicity 1323. Another favorite and I need more! This is a knit poly print purchased for my CCFS (Carefully Curated Fabric Stash) from local Pacific Fabrics. It was sewn up several years ago after proper aging. Well worn and it still looks great. Kind of like me!

Day Five – Rayon Batik With Amazing Scarf

I spent part of Me Made May Day 5 at the really lovely, independent District Fabric store in Seattle. They’ll be closing soon and moving many miles away and I had to check out the sale and say a sad farewell. And, buy a bit of heavily discounted fabric. (Note, the stuffed full tote in my hand!) My top is Rayon Batik stitched up in McCall 6960. The gorgeous scarf that coordinates so well was eco dyed with real leaves by my enormously talented friend, Hilary Hutchinson Grant. It was a joy to wear with my top!!

Day Six – Meridian Dress Up Day

Me Made May Day 6 was a Sunday and I wore a dress!! Quite out of character for me, but I tried it out for church and I kind of liked it. It’s the Meridian Dress from Sew to Grow Patterns and it was an easy sew. Plus it has pockets, so that makes it practically perfect in every way! The knit fabric was actually designed for activewear, but I loved the print. It sewed up nicely and is very comfy to wear. I may get used to this dress thing, especially if the sun keeps showing up!

Day Seven – Esme Top and Amazing Buttons

On Me Made May Day 7 I decided to twin with 2017! Facebook let me know I wore this same top on the same date for Me Made May 2017, so, I thought I might as well “party like it’s 2017”!!! This is the Sew Liberated Esme Top stitched in Shannon Fabrics Double Gauze. Love that turquoise!! Love those polymer clay buttons!!! The sleeves are cut on the bias and I left the elastic out so they’re a bit belled. It created kind of a fun “almost-statement sleeve” look!

Day Eight – Alabama Chanin-ish Sight Sleeve Top

Me Made May Day 8 involved a trip to Barnes and Noble for a little book browsing. One should always wear Me Made when browsing through books, right?! I wore my newly completed, reverse applique embellished Indygo Junction Slight Sleeve Top stitched from beautiful Texture Clothing Knit fabrics. This has been the “project that never ends”, but it’s done now and I’m very pleased. The yoke was the perfect canvas for embellishing! There’s a blog post and a giveaway you should definitely check out, click here.

Day Nine – Ivy Goes to Sewing School

My Me Made May Day 9 was spent at a totally awesome Bernina Academy class!!! If you ever get a chance to take one – do it! I wore my wonderful Texture Clothing knit fabric Tunic made from The Sewing Workshop’s Odette and Ivy pattern. So comfy and great to sew in!! I’m sure I learned more because I was wearing Me Made! This one has it’s own post, too – click here.

Day Ten – Lemon Squeeze Cardigan

The Me Made Day 10 pics were shot in a friend’s backyard. This was the day I discovered how well my eggplant knit Snapdragon Studios Lemon Squeeze Cardigan goes with my new Alabama Chanin-ish Slight Sleeve Top from Day Eight. I love it when my Handmade Wardrobe is working this well! The side dip on this cardigan and the sweet bell sleeves are total swoons. Such a delicious silhouette!

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