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My Indonesian Sarong Kimono

My fabulously colorful Kimono began it's life as an Indonesian Sarong from Jakarta.  A little snip here, a little seam there and it's now my newest favorite thing to wear!! In June, my hubby spent two weeks traveling through Southeast Asia and . . . buying fabric for me!!! Yes, he IS the best husband… Continue reading My Indonesian Sarong Kimono

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Summer Sewing Round-Up

My Summer involved a LOT of sewing! But, it was mostly in my head and on paper. Not so much on the sewing machine. Sometimes Summer is full and overflowing and there's just no time to sew and that's okay. Sewing's not over, it's just pacing in the background waiting to burst onto the scene… Continue reading Summer Sewing Round-Up

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Our Double Gauze Winner!

I hear a drum roll . . . Sue Nugent is the winner of the Shannon Fabrics Embrace© Double Gauze Giveaway!!! More About Our Winner!! Sue commented on July 5th, "I love the Cobalt Rose double gauze fabric. The tunic looks so nice on you. I think that I would make a Summer Dress from… Continue reading Our Double Gauze Winner!

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Knit Batik Wrap Magic

Knit Batik? Yes, there is such a thing and it's fabulous!! It's marvelously soft once washed, it's extremely versatile, and super comfy to wear. So, the piece I purchased at this year's Sewing & Stitchery Expo was perfect for the Indygo Junction Warm & Cozy Wrap pattern! The Magic of Knit Batik A couple of… Continue reading Knit Batik Wrap Magic

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Double Gauze Tunic Twinning and a Giveaway

A few weeks before the Portland Quilt Market show, I fell in love. My hubby didn't mind . . . because it was just fabric - again! Fabric love led to fabric obsession and now there's a GIVEAWAY you can enter! (Info at the end of this post.) As I was cruising Instagram one night… Continue reading Double Gauze Tunic Twinning and a Giveaway

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Patriotic Projects to Sew – More Blogging, More Sewing

My Sewful Life takes many shapes, and one of them is blogging for Coats and Clark's Sewing Secrets blog. It's a lot of fun and you'll see me on there about four times each month. Most of the time I compile posts from lots of skilled tutorial bloggers and June was all about Patriotic Projects.… Continue reading Patriotic Projects to Sew – More Blogging, More Sewing

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Sewing When Your Technology Rebels

You haven't heard from me for a while, but I have been sewing! So, here's a quick update on my Sewful Life adventures during The Great 2018 Technology Rebellion.  (That's my positive spin on "everything broke and I thought I'd go CRAZY"!) There will be more posts soon! Quilt Market With the Dying Miss Phone… Continue reading Sewing When Your Technology Rebels

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Me Made May Week Two Plus

Once again this year, I am thoroughly enjoying Me Made May! Seeing what other MMMers are posting is so inspiring and I love wearing something I've made every day. MMM is so personal - we each decide what our commitment will be and it's all the "right way" to do it. Because sewing our own… Continue reading Me Made May Week Two Plus

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Vintage Trim Sale Today Only

Short notice and I have no idea why I didn't take pictures, but this is too good to pass up sharing! I spent the weekend at Quilt Market in Portland OR and met Christina Laurent on Saturday. Christina recently purchased a large inventory of vintage supplies that she is selling. I saw a few things… Continue reading Vintage Trim Sale Today Only

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New Sewing Books! Visible Mending and Garment Making

This will be quick!  I met two super cool authors at Quilt Market today. Their books are marvelous and I want to share them with you right away. Because, you're going to love them! Why Quilt Market??? Quilt Market in Portland OR is a wholesale show with hundreds of vendor booths and thousands of shop… Continue reading New Sewing Books! Visible Mending and Garment Making