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Snowy Day Sweater Upcycling

We had our first snow last week. So, in the midst of January closet cleaning, and a few days of house-bounded-ness (look a new word!), I started thinking about upcycling old sweaters. They’re pretty easy to find – your closet, his closet, under the teenager's bed or at the thrift store. There are super fun,… Continue reading Snowy Day Sweater Upcycling

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My Indonesian Sarong Kimono

My fabulously colorful Kimono began it's life as an Indonesian Sarong from Jakarta.  A little snip here, a little seam there and it's now my newest favorite thing to wear!! In June, my hubby spent two weeks traveling through Southeast Asia and . . . buying fabric for me!!! Yes, he IS the best husband… Continue reading My Indonesian Sarong Kimono

Upcycle Sewing

Scarf to Vest – an Upcycle Tale

Hey, it's the 10th day of Me Made May 2017 and I just can't seem to pull it together enough to do pictures today. You know - life happens! So, instead you get a blog post about what I would have worn if I could have worn my Me Made May Day 10 make. Good… Continue reading Scarf to Vest – an Upcycle Tale