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UnWrinkled – My Panasonic Cordless Iron

I’m not always into the latest thing and I’m not much on gadgets or gimmicks. But, now that I have the Panasonic Cordless Iron, I want to shout from my isewlated rooftop about how much I love it. And, why I think you will, too!

PC Iron Rowenta side by side

Irons I Have Known and Loved

My iron of choice has always been Rowenta and I still love my Professional that I’ve owned for over 10 years. Rowenta generously gifted this iron to all speakers at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo one year and I was and am still thrilled with it.

I hear all the time from people that say their Rowenta’s leak, but I have no personal knowledge of that. I’m on my third one and I’ve never had one that leaks. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen to other sewists, just that it doesn’t happen to all sewists.

An Iron-Changing Decision

My sewing room ironing station is small and I’ve often wished for a smaller iron, but I need a real iron, not just something made for travel. So, I began considering the Panasonic – four years ago!

Photo Mar 11, 9 37 50 PM

It was actually shocking to me that I’d first looked at it four years ago at the Sewing Expo! Most of my time at the Expo is spent in a classroom, so in actuality, I just never found the time to get over to the French European booth to buy one. But, this was the year and I’m just SEW absolutely thrilled with this iron.

PC Iron tilt on roses

Why I Love My Delicious New Iron

  • Auto-Shut Off! The thought of getting up from the sewing machine to iron and finding my iron turned off sounded SO annoying. Turns out, all I have to do is turn it back on and in just a few seconds it’s ready to go. Now I can leave the house, wonder if I turned the iron off and know that the smart little thing will turn off on it’s own.
    PC Iron back end
  • Cordless! I don’t have to worry about where the cord is or keep it from unintentionally dragging my garment pieces across the ironing board. Plus, I’m not tripping over the cord or hoping I don’t put the iron on it.

    PC Iron size with hand

  • Small Footprint! Super-easy to get into corners and inside seams. It’s about the size of my hand.
    PC Iron sole plate
  • Points on both ends! I can iron backwards now. Doesn’t matter how I’m holding the iron, there’s a point easily available.
  • Steam Vents All Around! Possibly the best feature of all. Instead of just the front tip, this iron steams all the way around.
  • Non-Stick Sole Plate! Wisely resistant to those sticky fusibles that make our sewing life easy.
    PC Iron hand on handlle
  • Excellent Weight! Weight was a concern for me. Often there are seams and particular fabrics that need weight for proper pressing. This little puppy has great weight! Not too much, not too little, but just right.

  • Easy Controls! Three heat levels seemed limiting, but you know what – it isn’t. I realized quickly that I only used three of the levels on my past irons.

  • Three Steam Levels, Steam Button, Spray Button, Sits Nicely on it’s Not Too Large Base, Snap-On Case with Carrying Handle and Behaves Well! All in all, it’s just a truly great iron, well worth the money and you shouldn’t wait four years if you want one.

Color Your Ironing World

I chose the Champagne because I have a thing for “gold” right now and I thought it looked classy and maybe a little Parisian. We all have to have our fantasies, right? There’s also a very dignified Grey and an artistically perky Blue.

I’ve linked them to Amazon for you. I don’t know where you live or what you can get to right now, but I wanted to make it easy. So, if you’d like one while you’re isewlated, here you go. And, yes, they’re affiliate links, so Thank You – if you choose to buy I get a little snack money when you use these links! Let me know if I can answer any questions for you.

Sew Happy!! I’ll be back!

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Moment of Further Truth: This post includes affiliate links and I may receive a small payment if you make a purchase using that link. Thank you if you do – it helps to keep The Sewful Life stitching along and I sincerely appreciate your support. All opinions are solely and truly mine and I only gush about things I love!




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