Handmade Wardrobe

Sewing Expo 2018
Image Credit: Pacific Fabrics

So, here’s what I’ve learned . . . It doesn’t have to be hard and you don’t have to be a super-model to look great and feel fabulous in your own Handmade Wardrobe!

  • You’ll find what I’ve sewn and how below . . . Click the titles to read the posts!
  • You can see more of my sewn clothing in my 2017 Me Made May posts – click here.
  • And, a few more in my Handmade Hawaiian Wardrobe post – click here.

I love to sew my own clothes and I want to make it easy for you to love sewing clothes, too. Join me in The Sewful Life!

front in trees

My Pumpkin Spice Kimono

Sun Gazing

Art Gallery Rayon Kimono

full from side ob

Indonesian Sarong Kimono

Photo May 19, 3 03 32 PM (1)
Twinning with Ellen of Shannon Fabrics.

Double Gauze Tunic

Amy & I close up
With Indygo Junction founder/owner Amy Barickman.

Knit Batik Wrap

Arrows side

Lark Tee Number One

front straight

Lark Tee Number Two


Lark Tee Number Three

Lark Tee Birch Organic front

Lark Tee Number Four

Front at b & n

Alabama Chanin-ish Stitching

sheep kimono front

In Love With a Kimono

Front side

My Warm & Cozy, Easy Wool Wrap

Tee in tree

My Stasia Tee Re-Mix

Day 17 front

My Artisan Pants – Conquering Pant Fear

Vest on me front view

Scarf to Vest – an Upcycle Tale

Sandi and I sillier

Black, White and Eloflex All Over

Stasia Peplum front view

Stasia Dress to Peplum Hack

Front to side on me

My Sewing Workshop Ivy Tunic

Skirt on me

Super-Simple Straight Summer Skirt

Jacket close up in booth_edited-1

A Little Color Blocked Jacket

Me in tunic at booth

The Perfect Tunic