My Sewing Workshop Ivy Tunic

“I’m a big fan of the patterns published by The Sewing Workshop. They suit my personal style well and offer lots of options for fabric play.  Since the Odette and Ivy Top pattern designs involve color and print blocking possibilities, it was perfect for my most recent make – all from my carefully, curated fabric stash!

Pattern and fabric

Years ago, I purchased a sharp looking 100% Organic Cotton, tone on tone, stripey knit from Texture Clothing in Bellingham WA. They have gorgeous clothing and will graciously sell you fabric if asked. You’ll also find tempting packs of scraps near the front door that could be really yummy for future pieced tops.

Jacquard knit

The lovely, stripey knit has been with me for a while, in my ‘fabric aging” cupboard, waiting for just the right project. The Ivy Swing Tunic really excited my inner sewing self, but I wasn’t sure what to put with it, until I found a remnant of Jacquard knit I bought at Pacific Fabrics. I find little bits of fabric very inspiring and had purchased this from their Sewing & Stitchery Expo booth one year when I was an employee.

Sketchbook for Ivy

The Ivy view of the pattern calls for three fabrics, so I had the pleasure of sitting down with my Cashmerette Curvy Sketchbook to figure out how to use two fabrics instead. I decided to use the Jacquard as the accent pieces for the front body inset, sleeve inset, the left front swing panel and the neck and sleeve finishes. It was really fun to flip the stripe around in different ways on the sleeve, back and bottom swing panel, too.

So. let’s talk sizing. I cut the XL through the neck, arms and shoulders, then went up to XXL through the bust and body. I’m pretty much a Washington State Apple shape and frequently size my patterns in this way. The seam allowance is 5/8″ and at the last minute, I decide to use a ¼” S.A. from the bust down on the side and back seams to avoid potential clinginess. Turns out this was wise (for me) and I’m very pleased with the fit of the tunic body.

Widening sleeve

After measuring the sleeve pattern and consulting my arm measurement, I added to the sleeve width, flaring out to 3/4″ more at the bottom of each side of the sleeve. That added 1-1/2″ total to the sleeve circumference, worked out well, and I’ll be making a permanent width change on the pattern piece.

Following what I planned in my Sketchbook, I cut out the main pieces from the stripey and the accents from the Jacquard. A word of caution here . . . follow the cutting instructions and diagrams carefully. Several pattern pieces clearly say “Cut One, Right Side Up” and yet, I still made a little mess of that on one significant piece. Since, I do think you can always turn a mistake into a new design, you’ll see the results later!

Topstitching detail

Topstitching always helps seams to lay nicely and looks very Ready to Wear, so I love using it as a tool when there’s piecing in a design. For my Ivy, I topstitched the seams where the Jacquard knit was pieced in, the neck and sleeve finishes and the bottom swing panel. All of my seaming was done on my serger, which I cannot even begin to imagine sewing without. I used a 3mm, 4 thread overlock and size 80, Schmetz Stretch needles – my standard for sewing knits.

Front to side on me

My version of Ivy included a design adjustment as I mentioned earlier. Instead of cutting the upper front Right Side Up, I cut it Wrong Side Up and it changed everything about the bottom of the tunic. I had to change the line of the Jacquard inset piece and the bottom pieces did not line up in the wonderful flowing way they should have. After a few tears and sighs, I just went with what I could do and have been assured that unless I carry the pattern cover with me, it looks fabulous.

I also closed the side seams on the bottom panel instead of leaving them open as vents and overlapped them about ¾” on the front. That all just seemed like a better look for this particular project.  Not that I would ever doubt The Sewing Workshop owner and designer, Linda Lee!

Ivy Tunic pattern sketch

My Ivy Tunic was just finished last week and I’ve worn it three times so far. So, do I like it? I LOVE it! It looks professional, fits well and I feel great in it. I will definitely make this pattern a couple more times. For one thing, I’m determined to cut the pieces out correctly so I can match the front panel properly next time!

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23 thoughts on “My Sewing Workshop Ivy Tunic

  1. Love this! Great job on the striped material blocking. And the Jacquard Knit just sets it above!

  2. Great recovery and a lovely result. I noticed you changed the direction of the stripe on the sleeves. Is that why you adjusted the sleeve width? Or did the stripe have sufficient stretch in both directions? I love playing with stripes.

    1. Thanks! I just loved playing with the stripes and only adjusted the sleeve width due to my measurements. The stretch seemed to work out fine. Great fabric and you’ll see more from them soon!

  3. Again…..you are inspiring me, Annette!!! I have so many knit pieces waiting. I’ve been losing a little weight lately….so don’t want to sew for myself for a while…….;(

    1. Sorry for the delay, Linda! This just popped up. Thank you!! I am thrilled to be inspiring you and I hope you’ve been able to do some sewing. Your amazing bags sure inspire me!

  4. Do you have a link to others you’ve made with this pattern? I really love it! Also, do you have a teaching schedule?

    1. Thanks, Andrea!! I’m so glad you like my tunic. It’s actually the first and only I’ve made, although I’m considering another one right now. So many patterns, so little time – haha!! I do not have a teaching schedule as of yet for the rest of this year. If you have any ideas, let me know! I’ve committed to help with a Summer Sewing Camp for kids June – August, so that’s keeping me pretty busy at the moment. I’m sure I will be teaching at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo in Puyallup WA again next year, though, if that helps.

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