My Warm & Cozy, Easy Wool Wrap

My hubby and I are privileged to spend Christmas in Narnia every year. AKA Cascade Meadows Camp where our son is the Director. He, our wonderful DIL, and our grand-dog live blissfully in this glorious mountain setting all year round. It’s a step out of the “real” world and we love to visit. Maybe it is the REAL world!

I knew that “Narnia” would be the perfect setting for pictures of my finished Indygo Junction Warm & Cozy Wrap. Snow, warm, cozy, wool – it all goes magnificently together!

Rosie the Terrier, my faithful office assistant insisted on trotting into the pictures. Once I picked her up and made it official, she assumed her well-practiced, disinterested model look.

The Fabrics

When Indygo Junction introduced the Warm & Cozy Wrap last May, I loved it immediately and wanted to make one. Actually more than one, so you’ll see more, I’m sure!

For my first version, I chose a soft, black and grey Wool Tweed from my CCFS (Carefully Curated Fabric Stash). It was drapey and cozy – perfect for my first Wrap. The wool tweed along with the shape of the Warm & Cozy Wrap inspired visions of Victorian “smoking jackets” in my sewing soul. So, I chose a black, Burn-out Velvet for contrasting trim and cuffs.

The Wrap Change-Ups

Before I go on, I must shout that I am thrilled with how this Wrap turned out!! It’s exactly what I envisioned and it’s so exciting when that happens!

  1. I knew I wanted something more than the turned under or serged finish edges recommended in the pattern. I may choose one of those for future Wraps, but for this look, I used the black Velvet for an added bias edge finish.
  2. The Wrap body was lengthened about 3″. I’m a couple of inches taller than average and quite often add length to my garments. The extra length was added at the hemline and I re-drew the curves.
  3. The side seams were stitched down about 4″ farther than shown in the pattern. I thought I would like that for this particular version and I do. When I make the Wrap from a lighter weight fabric (I’m dreaming of Rayon Batik), I’ll probably stick with the pattern markings for side seam length.
    Pocket top stitching
  4. Instead of the 1/4″ pocket topstitching in the pattern instructions, I chose to top stitch at 1″. It’s a more substantial look and I like it on the Wool Tweed.
  5. For the sleeve cuffs, I cut Wool Tweed for lining and Velvet for the outer cuff. I love the way the contrast turned out!

The Making of My Wooly Wrap

The Warm & Cozy Wrap has just four pattern pieces. It’s super quick and easy to cut out and sew. You’ll cut a back, two fronts (right and left), two cuffs and two pockets. That’s it!

Pockets! There are pockets!! I considered trimming the pockets in the Velvet, but decided it would be too matchy-matchy for the look I wanted. So, I followed the pattern and finished the pocket edges on the serger. The two straight edges are serged, turned under as facings and top stitched. The curved edge is lined up with the front curve of the body and caught in the Wrap edge finish. Easy-Peasy! BTW – I chose black thread for all the serging and top stitching.

Bias Strip

My Burn-Out Velvet was 45″ wide and I cut four 3″ wide bias strips for the trim around the edge of the Wrap. The strips were seamed right sides together, so they were ready to stitch.

Top stitching neck seam

The Warm & Cozy Wrap instructions are simple and great – I pretty much just followed what was written. Other than the notes above, I did add in pressing the seams and top stitching the center back collar and shoulder/sleeve seams. I’m an avid fan of top stitching and the finished look it adds, so it shows up often in my Handmade Wardrobe.

The shawl collar and lapel of the Wrap are cut in one piece with the body front. Step 1 is to sew the center back seam of the collar, right sides together. Somehow I managed to sew the seam wrong sides together, so the serged seam shows on the outside of my collar. I’m calling it a design feature for this Wrap, but I’ll sew it RST, next time! If it really starts to bother me, I’ll hand stitch some of the Velvet trim over the seam.

Fold Over Bias is an easy edge finish I use quite often. The strip is sewn to the garment edge RST, then turned to the back, held in place with Wonder Clips or pins and top stitched from the right side. It works beautifully for just about any fabric!

Step 5 is where I veered off the page and added the Velvet fold over bias trim to the edges. If you want the serged edge, just follow Step 5. If you’d like the turned under edge, follow the alternative instructions at the end of the directions.

Using pocket

The Wrap & I

The Warm & Cozy Wrap includes two sizes: S/M/L and XL/2X/3X. I’m in between a 2X and 3X on most patterns, so I chose the larger size and it fits well.

The Wrap is a cape-like style, which I don’t usually love on my Washington State Apple Shape, but this one looks super-great. I will definitely wear it! In the pictures here, it’s layered over a long sleeve, black knit turtleneck paired with a fluffy, handknit black cowl. I could also wear it over a bright color and, in warmer weather, replace the cowl with a light scarf. It was fun with my jeans in the snow, but would be terrific worn with leggings, too.

Would I make this again? Absolutely! It was quick, easy, looks wonderful and is comfy to wear. I have a couple more fabrics in mind and, despite it’s designation as Warm & Cozy, this Wrap will be fabulous all year through. Rayon Batik, Ponte Knit, Silky Poly, Tencel, Sweater Knit, Plaid Wools, Flannels – the list is endless. Should you try it? Yes, indeed – I really think you’ll love it! If you can’t find the pattern locally, you can purchase it from the Indygo Junction web site – pre-printed or PDF – click here.

May your New Year be Happy and may you be sew warm and cozy!


Moment of Further Truth:
This post includes affiliate links and I may receive a small payment if you make a purchase using that link. Thank you if you do – it helps to keep The Sewful Life stitching along and I sincerely appreciate your support. Indygo Junction provided the pattern for me. All opinions are solely and truly mine and I only gush about things I love!







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