Why You Should Join Me Made May 2018

Last May I signed up for Me Made May and committed to wear something I’d made every day! I wasn’t actually sewing things to wear every day, just mostly honoring my Handmade Wardrobe by choosing something I’d already made. My photo-hubby took pictures of me every day for posting and it was all amazing!!


You can do this, too! The level of commitment is totally up to you and I think you’ll be in awe of how much you enjoy MMM 2018. Me Made May, according to originator, Zoe of the So Zo blog, is “all about improving your relationship with your handmade wardrobe” An excellent goal!

Why Me Made May?

The Sewful Life was the new blog on the block last May and I thought MMM would not only be fun, but a great way to let my friends and family know what I was doing. I was right! I posted pictures on my Instagram page every day, shared them to my Facebook page and a few Facebook sewing groups I enjoy and, wow! The compliments I received from friends, new and old, were incredible.

But, here’s the best part . . . I inspired other people to sew! And, wear what they’d sewn. And, enjoy wearing what they’d made. And, feel great about the way they looked in their makes! I had no idea the effect, my little handmade wardrobe and pictures would have, but I will never forget what happened. I was awed and humbled and, I’m ready to do it again.

vest front
There’s no canine MMM, so Rosie snuck into a few of my pictures. One must obey the terrier!

Should You Do It, Too?

Will you join me? You can click right here to go to the So Zo blog and sign up. Do it now, because you’ll want to sign up before May 1st. Here are three reasons why I think you should . . .

  1. You’ll gain a new appreciation for what you’ve made and the power of making in your life.
  2. You deserve to enjoy and wear the clothing and accessories you make. The world needs you and your sewing superpower joy!
  3. You’ll gain confidence and be inspired to make more!
Sewing Workshop Ivy Top - Front to side on me
This was my first picture for Me Made May 2017. My bracelet says “Fear Not”. I needed that encouragement!

A Bit of Honesty

Posting pictures is optional, but honestly, it was the best part of Me Made May 2017 for me. For years, I’ve avoided and disliked pictures of myself. I thought I looked awful, blimpish and just downright unattractive. The daily MMM pictures changed my perspective on images of myself and ultimately how I felt in my every day dressing. You know what? I look pretty good . . . and so do you!

Day 16 side of rayon batik vest
I would never have posted a pic of me from the side until MMM. But, the focus was on the clothing and I wanted to do the best I could to show everyone all “sides” of what I had made!

So, you don’t have to post pictures, but I highly recommend it. I think it will change your life and that’s a big part of why I’m here talking to you about The Sewful Life. Click here to take a look at my MMM 2017 recaps and think about it, okay? There’s a little more encouragement in this post, too.

Lark Tee Front V-Neck
There will definitely be Lark Tees in my Me Made May 2018!

My MMM 2018

Watch this spot, my new weekly email newsletter and all The Sewful Life social media for my Me Made May pictures. There will be daily pics on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and a weekly recap linked in my newsletter and here on The Sewful Life blog. I’ll look forward to seeing you every day (or at least every week) in one of those spots!

Are you signing up? I’d love to know – leave me a comment! Did you miss the sign up link? Here it is again, click here. See that was easy, right?!

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you sew more, I hope you enjoy it more and I hope you have a fabulous stress-free sewing life!!

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5 thoughts on “Why You Should Join Me Made May 2018

  1. I did sign up this year formally 🙂 last year I joined in but in the sidelines and I did find it changed how I felt about my me-mades. I’ve made it a policy since last May to wear at least one garment every day that I’ve made 🙂

    1. Oh, that’s very cool, Kathleen! I’ve been working harder to wear my makes more often this last year, too. Are you posting pictures anywhere?

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