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12 Reasons I Love My Sewful Life

You know I really, REALLY love what I do! Most days, you’ll find me blissfully writing about sewing, laptop on lap, terrier snuggled close and a silly movie in the background. Seriously, is this even real life? I am sew blessed – beyond measure!

There’s been a lot of excitement in my Sewful Life this last year. This is a bit of a ramble today, but I wanted to share twelve of the awesome opportunities that have come my way. Because . . .  it’s all due to my faithful sewing friends and supporters. Just look what you’ve done!


My Last Year or So

  1. Began The Sewful Life blog, Instagram and Facebook page and made 100’s of new, wonderful sewing friends! Thank you. Thank you. I am sew grateful to you all!
  2. Taught a class on Sewing Fashions with Double Gauze at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo sponsored by Shannon Fabrics. And, found the best jacket pattern ever!
  3. Tested, helped introduce and participated in a blog tour for Coats Eloflex Stretch Thread. How did we ever sew knits without this thread??
  4. Stitched up a Tula Pink embroidery design, saw it published in her new book and participated in a blog tour to introduce the book. So beautiful!!
  5. Presented Social Media for Sewists as the Keynote Speaker for the annual WA State Clothing & Textile Advisors meeting. Great group!
  6. Participated in Me Made May and was AMAZED that I had over 30 pieces of handmade clothing in my wardrobe. Take a look!
  7. Wrote two blog posts for the Sewing & Stitchery Expo blog. One here and another one on sewing with knits soon.
  8. Wrote a post for the Curvy Sewing Collective blog. Right here. 
  9. For the second (and now third) year I am writing blog posts for the Coats Sewing Secrets blog. My Warm & Cozy Wrap is featured on there, today!
  10. Entering my second year as Admin for the Indygo Junction Facebook Group and helping with a few other things. Such a fun group and I love the IJ patterns!
  11. Tested a pattern and participated in a blog hop for Sew Liberated’s Stasia Dress & Tee. Click here to see!
  12. Will be teaching three different classes at the 2018 Sewing & Stitchery Expo and two sessions sold out immediately!! Woohoo!

Daddy, Me & Mom

Future, Past and Present

And, can I just say . . . my Mom and Dad would be so proud! My Dad was a prolific writer and Mom gave me the awesome gift of sewing at an early age. I’m sure she had no idea where it would lead me. I’ve spent most of my life working in the sewing industry, so making things was one of the greatest gifts Mom gave me. My biggest supporter and encourager is gone now and I miss her every day.  I never sew without thinking of her and feeling joyfully connected!

Three Classes Image

There’s more coming up this year and I am so grateful for every moment of my Sewful Life. You’ll see a lot more sewing on the blog this year including the projects I’m stitching for my Sewing & Stitchery Expo classes. My cutting table is piled with lots of clothing to make for my Sewing With Knits and Surface Art classes! I’m also teaching a “hands-on” Social Media class, but there’s no sewing in that one. We will pull out our phones and/or tablets and go on internet sewing adventures together, though! (How does one “wear” Social Media”? I’ll have to figure that out!)

Pacific Fabrics, my amazing sponsor for the Sewing With Knits class has provided me with a gorgeous stack of fabrics and patterns and I’m having a marvelous time with them! For the Surface Art class, my sponsor Beryl at Bo-Nash put a stuffed full bag of magical supplies (glitter, foil, adhesives, pressing sheets) in my hand and a ton of ideas in my head. I’m loving it!!! (The Surface Art class is full, but if you have a group that would like to have me come and teach – let me know!)

Make It Your Year

And, by the way . . . are you going to the Sewing & Stitchery Expo? ‘Cause you really should. REALLY! I mean it’s only the biggest and best sewing show in the whole USA. You should be there and you should be in one of my classes so we can meet! It’s like this BIG, HUGE, FABULOUS party where all the sewing and quilting friends you didn’t know you had are looking forward to seeing you. Seriously, people come from all over the world for this show. It’s that amazing! Am I gushing and shouting? Well, yeah, something this great should be shouted about! Click right here to find out more about Sew Expo.

Okay, back to sewing. You, too, now. Sew with joy and watch your creative heart soar!


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