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When it comes to weather I’m a definite fair weather fan and a twin to Goldilocks. Not too hot. Not too cold. But, just right. Anything else and my inner pouty princess appears!

Soup Bowl Cozies
Image Source: Happy Hour Stitches

So, when the temperatures drop, I just want to wrap myself and everything around me in cozy warmth! Preferably handmade. Sewing gets my blood moving a bit and there’s always an inherent warmth in something made by hand. It’s a perfect pairing!

Fleece Mug Cozies
Image Source: The Crafty Gemini on YouTube

My latest blog post for the Make It Coats Sewing Secrets blog is all about Cozy Ways to Warm Your Winter. They’re all quick, delightful little sews that you’ll love, so I wanted to make sure you get to see them. I gathered up posts from clever bloggers and included yummy projects like Soup Bowl Cozies, Mug Cozies and a scrumptious little neck or lap pad you can warm in the microwave.

Microwave Heating Pads
Image Source: Sew4Home

We don’t have snow in our corner of the Pacific Northwest right now, but it’s plenty cold for me, so all these little sews look charming to me. I do know that some of you are quite buried in weather right now, though. You have my sympathies!

Click here to read my post on the Coats and Clark Sewing Secrets blog and stitch up a bit of warmth for your chilly Winter days!

Happy, Cozy Sewing to You!


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