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Sewing & Stitchery Expo 2018 – Online Registration is Open!

It’s time!! Online class and event registration is now OPEN for the 2018 Sewing & Stitchery Expo! Key excitement extraordinaire!!! If you’re ready, click here.

Three Classes Image Tickets

My Registration Recommendations

  • Sign up for my classes! Yes, this is shameless self-promotion, but I guarantee you’ll have fun and learn a lot. My goal is to always give you “more than you paid for”! Look for #1841 Sewing With Knits, #2813 Social Media – Your Best New Sewing Friend (hands on – bring your phone or tablet!) and #3840 Stencil, Glitter, Foil, Stitch & Bead – Easy Surface Art (hands on and loads of fun!)
  • If you still need help planning your classes and events, click here for my planning hints and click here for a great informational post on the Sewing & Stitchery Expo blog.
  • When you “order” your classes, be sure to sign up for the evening and/or Sunday Events and purchase your Admission Tickets. You will need one admission ticket for each day you go to Expo. A four day pass is also available online only. Admission tickets are $2.00 less in advance than they are at the door. That means more $$$ for vendor shopping!!!
    Knits Class on Expo site

Deciphering Online Class Registration Terms

  • Part Number = the class number from the brochure.
  • Your Price, You Save = how much you save by purchasing your classes prior to the Sewing Expo.
  • IN STOCK = there is still room in the class and it has not yet sold out.
  • Section = a drop-down menu that shows the sessions available and the different days and times. Click on the arrow and highlight the session you want.
  • Email a Friend = click to invite a friend to attend class with you. What a cool feature!
  • Quantity = the number of classes you are purchasing. If you’re ordering for yourself and friends or family, you can key in more than one.
  • Add to Cart = click here when you have the number of classes and the session selected.

My Classes – More Shameless Self-Promotion 

Knits Class Image

  • #1841 Sewing With Knits: Trends & Techniques for Every Body 

Online Description: Whether sewing with a serger or a sewing machine, Annette will help put aside your knit fabric fears and frustrations forever. Knits can be worn by everyone and the possibilities are amazing! With years of sewing and loving knit fabrics, Annette will teach you how to choose the right styles, fabrics, and techniques for your handmade knit wardrobe. Learn confidence inspiring tips, how to accurately determine percentage of stretch, sewing the latest knit fabrics, and all about Eloflex; a magical new stretch thread for your sewing machine.

More Info: This is a 45 minute, lecture/demo class. I’ll have a great handout for you and prepare a slide presentation so you can see what I am talking about. There will be technique samples to pass around and clothing examples shown, too. And, a door prize drawing! You can sign up to attend this class on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. $6.00 now, $8.00 at the show. Quite a bargain!

Registration: If space is still available, sign-ups will be available at the Expo, too.

Social Media icons

  • #2813 Social Media – Meet Your New Best Sewing Friend

Online Description: Social Media is a helpful friend that has changed the way we sew, how we learn and what we sew. Are you connected? Annette will introduce you to an amazing buffet of inspiring social media sites most commonly used by those who sew! She’ll explain why social media is important, how it’s made sewing “cool” again, and where you can find wonderful sewing communities on the internet. From Facebook to Instagram to YouTube, blogs and beyond, she’ll take you on an educational journey through the world of social sewing. You’ll learn how to search for your interests and connect with sewists just like you! Bring your smart phone or tablet to make this a hands-on experience and play along with Annette. Take home a handout full of suggested sewing groups, blogs and more. There’s a whole new world of sewing joy waiting for you out there. Annette will make it easy! Student supplies. Bring your smart phone or tablet.

More Info: We’ll have 90 minutes together to explore the internet while I teach you about the amazing world of Sewing Social Media. You’ll go home with a handout that gives you lots of opportunities for internet adventuring and I’ll have slides so you can see what’s out there while I talk. You’ll go home with an expanded world of resources and sewing/quilting friends that will offer loads of growth in your sewing life! And, a door prize drawing! $20 fee and I promise to be worth it. Just one session on Friday is offered.

Registration: Pre-registration is required. Sign-ups will not be available at the show.

Foil Class Image

  • #3840 Stencil, Glitter, Foil, Stitch & Bead – Easy Surface Art

Online Description: Surface art can be relaxing, fun, and easy! Annette will teach you beautifully versatile methods of embellishment you can use for clothing, quilts, purses, totes, and home decor. Anyone can do this—no experience or “talent” required! You will learn to foil designs with stencils using Bo-Nash fusing powder, make glitter “rhinestones” with fusing liquid, and learn simple but dynamic hand stitches using a variety of flosses. Annette includes her basic method of securing seed and bugle beads. You will create two to three samples pieces to take home to use as reference or to Appliqué. A take-home handout full of step by step directions is included, so you can keep creating at home. You’re going to love learning these delightful, effective surface art skills! $25.00 kit fee. Includes foil, glitter, beads, threads, beading needle, prepared sample fabrics, and bo-nash powder. Additional ironing supplies will be provided. Student supplies. Bring basic hand sewing supplies: small scissors, needles, thimble, and a marking pen or pencil.

More Info: Oh, my . . . you must come do this with me. We’ll have a whole two and a half hours to play together! Surface Art is super-fun and doesn’t have to be hard. My goal is to unleash your inner artist, give you confidence and send you out to change your clothing and/or quilting world. These techniques are fabulous for self-sewn projects, transforming ready-to-wear or upcycling thrift store finds. A seriously cool and informative handout is included. And, a door prize drawing! Do come – $30 + $25 for class supplies and well worth it! There are two different sessions at different times on Thursday or Friday available for sign up.

Registration: Pre-registration is required. Sign-ups will not be available at the show.

Thank You to My Class Sponsors

I am ever so grateful to the vendors who are sponsoring my classes! Pacific Fabrics and Bo-Nash are helping me with supplies and supporting me in all my classes. These are both locally-owned family businesses in the Pacific Northwest and they will both have booths at the 2018 Sewing & Stitchery Expo. I cannot imagine more wonderful people to work with! Pacific Fabrics has fabulous fabrics, patterns and sew much more and Bo-Nash offers amazing art and embellishing tools.  These are the kind of places you want to shop and I hope you will support them, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

March 1, 2, 3 & 4 – see you there!!!




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