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Summer Sewing Round-Up

Indonesian Kimono front
Oh, yeah . . . I did make this. Watch for a post soon!

My Summer involved a LOT of sewing! But, it was mostly in my head and on paper. Not so much on the sewing machine. Sometimes Summer is full and overflowing and there’s just no time to sew and that’s okay. Sewing’s not over, it’s just pacing in the background waiting to burst onto the scene and take over once again. So, that’s what happened and here I am – I’m back! HURRAY and let the threads, bobbins, fabrics and patterns swirl, delight and consume my life again!!

Indygo Junction Giveaway
All Indygo Junction Giveaways are Chloe approved!

While there wasn’t a lot of sewing in my Sewing Summer, there was a lot of writing. If you follow Indygo Junction’s Sewing Pattern Group on Facebook (and you should!), I was there everyday helping to make sure the Indygo Junction sewing life keeps going. I’m an admin on the page and you should check it out  – now. They’re having fabulous GIVEAWAYS for National Sewing Month that you’ll want to enter.

Over on the Make It Coats Sewing Secrets blog, I was popping up with blog posts all Summer, too. Fun stuff like curated tutorial reviews for Kid’s Playhouses, Making Mermaids, Sewing Caftans (soooo trendy!) and Sweet Softies.

Coats Sewing Month Giveaway 2018

And speaking of GIVEAWAYS, because there should ALWAYS be giveaways, Coats is having a super fabulous giveaway you can enter right now, too. Amazing Thread Collections and a Sewing Machine? Oh, yes, please!

More Coming!

Okay . . . go forth, read, enter and sew on! And, watch this spot. Because GIVEAWAYS? They’ll be appearing right here soon, too!!

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