Finding Time to Sew – More Blogging, More Sewing

It’s the last day of National Sewing Month. Have you been sewing as much as you’d like to this month? Or at all? Yeah, me either. Sigh…. 

Image Source: Sew My Place blog

If you’ve hung around my sewful life much you know that I believe sewing is incredibly IMPORTANT! In my sewful dream world I would have a self-cleaning house, a laundry robot and a personal chef. And, as long as I’m dreaming, an on-site manicurist and hair stylist, too. I’d never have to leave the house and I could just sew. All. The. Time. Are you with me? But, that’s not likely to happen, so what’s a busy sewist to do? 

In honor of National Sewing Month, I wrote a post for the Coats and Clark Sewing Secrets blog on finding time to sew. I compiled several clever blog posts I found and WOW – the ideas were super-doable!

Click here to read my Finding Time to Make it Sew post on the Coats Sewing Secrets blog. You’re going to love the ideas and your sewing machine will love seeing you more often!


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