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Easy-Peasy Leggings – More Blogging, More Sewing

Draft Your Own Leggings
Image Source: Etsy Journal post by Cal Patch

Leggings! Such an essential and aren’t we grateful that they’re super comfy, we can all wear them and . . . we can make our own. What?!? You didn’t know you could do that? Well, come with me over to the Coats and Clark Sewing Secrets blog, then. You see when I’m not blogging about my Sewful Life, a few times a month I gather fabulous tutorials from the interwebs and write posts about them for Make It Coats. And, a month or so ago, I wrote about Leggings!

If you hang out in my Sewful Life very often, then you know about Coats new Eloflex Stretch Thread and it’s many wonders for sewing knit fabrics. My Leggings post ties to Eloflex and it’s magic, so the post starts with the “tools” you’ll need to make your own leggings, including Eloflex. From there, you’ll travel through several blogs that offer free tutorials and patterns for leggings and end your journey with a visit to Patterns for Pirates – a most fabulous place to be!

Click here to visit the Sewing Secrets blog and read my Easy-Peasy Leggings to Sew post, then off into the land of Make Your Own Leggings you go. Big ones, little ones, itty-bitty baby ones – let me know what you make!

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