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Kantha Stitched Tote – More Blogging, More Sewing

To keep up with my new addiction to hand stitching, I found a fabulous tutorial written by Sara of the Radiant Home Studio blog. Sara has a way of making blah, blank, craft store totes into amazingly gorgeous carry-alls. Her designs are pretty irresistible! I chose her Kantha Stitch Pocket Tote Upgrade tutorial for the recent post I wrote for the Make it Coats Sewing Secrets blog and had to try my own.

Kantha Stitching - finished_edited-1

You’ll find another of Sara’s totes at the bottom of my Coats post and one more on her blog. And, who doesn’t need another tote or six for Summer, right? Click here for my Kantha Hand Stitching post on the Sewing Secrets blog and get yourself toted up for all your Summer travels!

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