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Add Hand Stitching – More Blogging, More Sewing

I’m on the Make It Coats Sewing Secrets blog today with one of my passions – hand stitching! You’ll recognize both of the garments if you followed me for Me Made May, but one of them has a fabulous new addition.

In the Summer time, I love having take along projects lined up, so I can keep making wherever we go. My hubby loves to wander, so I keep a little tote packed with my self-care essentials – project, bottle of water, iPad, snack and a little chocolate. That way I’m a happy traveling companion and can keep my commitment to “no idle hands”!

Tomorrow’s Coats post is all about how I used a super-great tutorial and Kantha stitched my new Summer Project Tote. (Sneak peek above!) You must see the finished tote – I’m so pleased with it! I’ve had so much satisfying fun with these projects and discovered some wonderful Coats threads for my “always keep on hand” supplies.

I think you’ll really enjoy today’s Use Hand Stitching for Unique Style post. And, I hope it inspires you to add handstitching plans to your Summer, too! Click here to get started.

*<3 NOTE: Thanks so very much to all of you who have asked about my post-surgery hubby’s progress! He’s doing very well, so he’s back to work and I’m back to blogging and sewing. Hurray!!*


2 thoughts on “Add Hand Stitching – More Blogging, More Sewing

  1. Annette, as always, your post has me inspired to try some hand stitching of my own. I enjoy your posts each time they come out. I am glad your husband is doing better !

    1. Thanks, Linda!! It’s good to have hubby mostly well again! I think you’d really enjoy the hand stitching. I’m kind of addicted now! Tomorrow you’ll see the tote I made from a tutorial I found. I think you’ll like it, too!

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