Double Gauze Tunic Twinning and a Giveaway

A few weeks before the Portland Quilt Market show, I fell in love. My hubby didn’t mind . . . because it was just fabric – again! Fabric love led to fabric obsession and now there’s a GIVEAWAY you can enter! (Info at the end of this post.)

Ellen's Rose Garden plans
Image Source: Ellen Mickelson

As I was cruising Instagram one night I made a sudden, full stop at a picture of the absolutely gorgeous Rose Garden Embrace® Double Gauze Ellen from Shannon Fabrics posted. My eyes met the roses, my sewing heart crushed and beat loudly and it was true, embraceable love at first sight. Such a stunning fabric!!

Ellen's Rose Garden plans with bias tape
Image Source: Ellen Mickelson

Ellen had the Pink version of the roses and offered to send me some to sew up. (Have I told you how much I love my sewing industry friends!?!) She wisely suggested the Cobalt version for me, I suggested we stage a twinning event at Quilt Market and the FUN had begun!

Vintage Door Bias Tape
Image Source: Vintage Door Etsy Shop

Ellen used Elaine Heigl’s Simplicity 8603 for her Pink Rose Garden Embrace™ Tunic along with, as she said,  “luscious,  soft knit bias tape from Vintage Door”. I love that trim!! And, it’s on my “must have” list now. You can check it out on the Vintage Door Etsy Shop!

hugging the bolt

The Event Begins

The Cobalt Rose Garden Embrace arrived on my door step about a week later and it was even more gorgeous out of the box than online! But, what to make? There were so many possibilities. Dress? Skirt? Jacket? Blouse?

I settled on one of my fave patterns – the Indygo Junction Urban Tunic. Last year I stitched up an Urban Tunic in Double Gauze and declared it The Perfect Tunic. It ticks all the boxes for an easy-always-looks-great project, so I decided to go for certain success.

Loving My Tunic!

And, I’m thrilled with how it turned out! It was perfect for a day at Quilt Market and functioned quite well when I met Sew News Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Ellen March. My tunic was thrilled to have a chance to pose with Indygo Junction owner/founder, Amy Barickman. And, it performed SO well for my twinning event with Ellen at the Shannon Fabrics booth. Best of all, it cast a halo over my head in the picture taken by Rhonda from Schmetz Needles. You just can’t ask for more than that!


I really want you to try this pattern! It’s one of those that always gets compliments, is always comfortable and as mentioned, it’s always easy to make. So, let’s take a look at a few details . . .

Finished pocket close up

Urban Tunic Pocket Pro Tips

As I keep saying, the Urban Tunic is super-easy to cut out and put together. One front, one back, two pockets, two armhole facings and the cowl piece – that’s it. And, the way the pocket is done is really, really cool!

Urban Tunic line drawing

Now that’s it’s been a year, I can confess that I totally messed up the pockets on my first Urban Tunic. Because . . . I skipped the instructions and thought I knew what I was doing. Let me save you from that!

  1. Follow the instructions. They know what they’re talking about and they are your friends.
    Pocket piece serged
  2. This will help. . .  The back of the pocket is the piece you will cut. (I serged around mine to finish the edge.) The front of the pocket is the front of the dress.
  3. Mark the side seams accurately with the dots on the pattern pieces. This leaves the opening for your pocket.
    Pressing side pocket opening
  4. Notch, fold and press the side seam pocket opening carefully.
  5. Stitch the side seams to the pocket markings carefully!
    True Confession: Mine are stitched too far down and will need to be undone. If I ever gain weight in my hands, they won’t fit in my pockets anymore. And, if I stash money or chocolate in there – lack of access would be tragic!

Twinning in the Shannon booth.jpg

The Rest of the Tunic Truth

There’s nothing else tricky about the Urban Tunic, but here are a few more notes.

  • I increased the width at the side seams a bit more than my previous tunic, but now it seems like too much. Another re-adjustment I’d like to make. What do you think?
  • I added extra length so it would be dress length. It hasn’t been quite warm enough in the Pacific Northwest and I haven’t tried it as a dress yet, but I think I’m going to love it.
  • The instructions call for sewing on one layer of the cowl, then folding it down and hand stitching the second layer to the inside. That didn’t appeal to me, so I folded the cowl WST and stitched both layers on together.
  • Embrace® Double Gauze has just enough stretch to it that I was able to leave the back zipper out.

draped fabric

Enter The Rose Garden Giveaway!

So, the twinning was really fun, Shannon Fabrics is wonderfully generous and I have 3 yards of Rose Garden Embrace® Double Gauze in Cobalt to share with you!!!! You, Ellen and I can triplet someday!

Here’s how it works:

  • Comment on this post and let me know what you’d make if you win.
  • Enter before Midnight Pacific Time on Friday, July 13th. The winner will be announced on Saturday, July 14th.

That’s it! Easy. Peasy, Schmeasy – right?! Ready, set, go and I hope you win!!

Thanks for hanging out for a while in my Sewful Life. Keep sewing with joy and I’ll see you soon!

Annette signature

Moment of Further Truth:  The Rose Garden Embrace® Double Gauze was provided to me by Shannon Fabrics. This post includes affiliate links and I may receive a small payment if you make a purchase using those links. Thank you if you do – it helps to keep The Sewful Life stitching along and I sincerely appreciate your support. All opinions are solely and truly mine and I only gush about things I love!

172 thoughts on “Double Gauze Tunic Twinning and a Giveaway

  1. Love the fabric! So pretty! I think I’d make a short kimono style jacket, the soft double gauze would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity, love your blog! ❤️

    1. OoooH, I love the kimono idea!! I have more double gauze waiting in line now and I think I’ll do that with one of them. Hope you win, KittyAnn!!

  2. I would never have thought of a tunic for this large floral fabric but it’s gorgeous! I’d make the same or a high-low shirt and add sleeves as I’m 73 and no longer have the arms for sleeveless. How lovely of you and Shannon Fabrics to make this available! I hope I win it!

  3. I would use the gauze fabric to make the Urban Tunic in the dress length with the cowl. Like you, the Cobalt fabric color works for my complexion, too.
    And it has pockets!

  4. Oh my, I must confess to not reading the directions. I cut and used four pockets, cut the back on a fold and then realized I didn’t have enough ease. The zipper is in the side seam.
    I wish there was a sleeve option for this one. I think it would be great in flannel. I am looking forward to trying the gauze and no zipper, the cobalt will go great with my eyes.

    1. And, this is how we learn to problem solve, right?! Haha!! Yes, four pockets is exactly what I did on my first one, too. Indygo Junction has another similar pattern that has sleeves. Take a look at the Mod Top & Tunic and see what you think. I think a stable knit like Ponte would be great, too. Hope you win!!

  5. Absolutely love that fabric and it is perfect for you. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to find out if it is also perfect for me?!?! So many ideas are running though my mind as to what I would make with it. I like the tunic idea but just might go with a loose fitting overblouse. I wear layers a lot because of were I work and think this would work well over a sleeveless shell. Oh how grand should I have the opportunity to find out!

  6. Annette, your tunic is so lovely and I’m so in awe that you got to meet Amy Barickman and Ellen March! That must have been so amazing!

    I would love to be triplets with you and Ellen! I’m a little torn about what I would make, I love your tunic so much I might want to make one similar to it, but I also see the Rose Garden Embrace fabric, with it’s gorgeous vintage vibe, being amazing as a 1950’s style dress, such as the How To Do Fashion No. 1 Dragør dress. Decisions, decisions!

    Thank you so hosting this giveaway! Oh, and I’m definitely checking out Vintage Door on Etsy! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Emily!! I did have wonderful opportunities at Quilt Market and everyone is SO nice and generous. I love the idea of something vintagey. I’ll have to check out that dress! Yes, that Vintage Door trim is amazing. Must. Order. SOON! Hope you win!!

  7. This looks so nice on you. I’d probably make the same tunic as the fabric goes so well with the pattern. Thanks for the giveaway.

    1. Thanks, Kathy – that’s a nice compliment!! The pattern is really great, I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Hope you win!! 🙂

  8. Love the fabric. I think I would make an Urban Tunic, so we could match! Yours is lovely.

  9. Hi Annette,
    Your tunic turned out gorgeous! That is one of my fave patterns too. 🙂
    Also, I love that blue color on you. I need to try that color next time. 🙂
    Let’s plan a lot more twinning times together!
    Your twin ; )

    1. Awwww – you are too kind, Ms. Twin!! Thanks so much for the great opportunity and yes, more twinning should happen soon! <3

  10. Double gauze is the greatest! (I have to confess when I’m snuggling new baby granddaughter #3 & she has one of er gauze wraps, I’m ogling the fabric & thinking about what I could make with it. Bad Nonna! 🤫) I would definitely make Hey June’s new Phoenix top. Love your cobalt rose tunic—it screams summer to me.

    1. Hahaha!! I love it, Nonna Mary! it’s just in our blood that we’re always thinking about fabric, isn’t it?! 🙂 And, let’s see . . . do I thank you for feeding my pattern addiction by pointing out the Phoenix or not??? LOL What an adorable design! It’s on my gotta-have list now. Thanks for the compliment and I hope you win!!

  11. I would love to try the gauze! I would definitely make some type of tunic. Undecided on pattern.

  12. What lovely fabric, and that style suits you completely. I would make a loose fitting dress to swan about in this heat. I have hear double gauze is fabulous for hot areas…always excited to see what you post!

    1. Thank you so much, Chris!! I’m glad you’re enjoying my Sewful Life. It’s so much better with friends. 🙂 Yes, double gauze is 100% cotton, loosely woven and super-great for hot weather. Hope you win!!

  13. Such lovely fabric! I’ve never sewn double gauze before but would love to try it! I wouldn’t mind having my own Urban Tunic!

    1. It’s great fabric and easy to sew Elena. I’m sure you’d love the Urban Tunic as much as I do and we could twin, then! Haha!! Hope you win!

  14. I love the feel of double gauze, but am a novice on sewing with it. Pre-wash? Handle with care? Instructions for working with it? I would make a tunic as well. I have the same Indygo Junction pattern, which I love. I like the Cobalt rose.

  15. Thanks for the giveaway of this gorgeous fabric! What would I make? Probably a flowing, sleek summer dress, perhaps a wrap style with ruffles!

  16. I would love to make the Indigo Junction tunic with the double gauze – perfect for these hot summer daze. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    1. You are so welcome, Kathleen. I’m thrilled to be able to partner with Shannon Fabrics for thiis giveaway! The tunic is wonderful. I know you’s love it!! Hope you win! 🙂

  17. Would love to make a summer dress out of this lovely fabric. Live in Texas and it is going to be a scorcher of s summer.

    1. It would be perfect for you, Ruth! I’ve been watching all my cousins melting in the Texas heat. Maybe I need to sew for them. Haha!! Hope you win! 🙂

  18. This is so lovely!! I sewed a Phoenix blouse by hey June with the same fabric! I’d love to sew a whole cloth quilt or swaddle blankets for new babies and a blouse for my girls so we can match.

    1. Thank you! I’m so pleased with it. Funny – someone else mentioned the Phoenix today, I took a look at it and had to order it! It was a NEED – you know!?! I love all you ideas!! Hope you win! 🙂

  19. I’d love to make a tunic top for my mother and a shirt for my brother. I’m positive he would love this fabric living in Raleigh, NC. The double gauze fabric is just about the only fabric one can tolerate in the crazy heat and humidity they have right now.

    1. Yes, it would make a marvelous men’s shirt – great idea! And, double gauze is perfect for hot weather, especially since it’s 100% Cotton. Hope you win, Michele! 🙂

  20. Lovely fabric …. you wear it, and the pattern, very well!!!
    I would love to make a tunic as well, but my old arms need sleeves, at least to the elbow, if I want to wear it in public!!!!! I could adjust a pattern I’ve sewn (Simple-Elegant Tee from CNT) for a longer tunic.
    Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    1. Thank you, Terry!! You are very kind. 🙂 Yes, the Simple Elegant Tee would be great for this gorgeous fabric. Great idea!

  21. Your tunic looks so nice on you! Believe it or not, I have been considering buying some gauze fabric for curtains, but I think the piece you’re giving away would make a gorgeous skirt.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

    1. Thanks, Kathleen! Ooooh!! I love the idea of curtains. They would have great drape and kind of an ethereal quality. Sounds yummy! A skirt would be wonderful!! Hope you win! 🙂

  22. Your blog was perfect timing for me. I love, love double gauze and will definitely try your pattern. I love how flexible it seems to be and you have done such a great job of showing the process!! I want a gauze blanket and they are hard to come by. Do you thin this double gauze would work or would I want to double the thickness into 4 ply? Hmmm. Thanks so much. The Rose Garden print is lovely.

    1. How wonderful, Cheryl! I’m glad to know the post popped up at just the right time. 🙂 Embrace Double Gauze is the weight of a baby swaddling blanket. It would just depend on what you have envisioned for your blanket. Doubling it would create a dreamy, floaty blanket, though with lots of loft – so, that could be great for you. The Urban Tunic is a fabulous pattern and you’re right, very versatile. Hope you win!

  23. The tunic pattern is a great choice for this gorgeous fabric. I haven’t sewn with double gauze, but would love to find a sweet pattern for a summer or fall top. I’ve recently lost 35 pounds, so I really need new, better fitting clothes!

    1. Wow – congrats, Kathy!! That’s hard work and you definitely deserve gorgeous new clothes! A top would be great for you. 🙂 Hope you win!

  24. I’m thinking I’d make a light summer dress for my youngest sister. She’s going off to grad school and it’s been hot as blazes around here.It’ll be easy for her to wash and dry overnight and wear without worrying about looking too crumpled.

    1. Aren’t you a sweetie, sewing for your sis?! 🙂 The Double Gauze is an amazing wash ‘n wear fabric and the “crinkle” is part of its charm. Hope you win!!

  25. I love the Cobalt Rose double gauze fabric. The tunic looks so nice on you. I think that I would make a Summer Dress from this fabric

  26. I would make a summer dress to wear while running errands in town. I love the feel of double gauze. N

  27. What a fun Post!! You both did Awesome job on your Tunics!! LOOOVE the Colbalt Roses best! Perfect choice for your Tunic looks so cool & comfy! I think I have to get that pattern & would make one with this great double gauze too! Thank you for chance to win some!! 😀

    1. Oh, my goodness, Lori – you would love the Urban Tunic. It’s just wonderful! Thanks for the kind words. 🙂 Hope you win!!

  28. There’s a couple basic tops I love and have made a few double gauze garments and they are heavenly. Perfect for California weather. I’m not sure what I’d make exaclty, decisions are so hard. I fibbed, definitely would make a dress.

    1. Yes, a dress would be perfect!! Double gauze is definitely the right fabric for your weather. Hope you win and get a chance at that dress! 🙂

  29. Such gorgeous fabric! I think I would make a light, flowing topper/jacket/kimono. Thanks for this giveaway.

  30. I’m not sure what I’d make, probably the Urban Tunic or a loose tank pattern I have. I love yours!

  31. This is lovely fabric. I’ve always wanted to try a sundress or a flowy tank top in double gauze. And that cobalt is gorgeous!

  32. I would be using this beautiful fabric for a wrap and sleeveless top to match. I always need a little something more going into restaurants and shops. This is perfect

  33. The cobalt roses are beautiful! I would make the Simplicity top! It would be perfect for the Texas heat this summer!!

  34. I would try the pattern you used. I do love anything baby doll so i’d Try to find anything like that :)))

  35. 3 yards of fabric would make a lovely tank-style summer dress with enough for a shoulder wrap for cooler evenings. The PNW is warming up enough for that now, Annette. Love your tunic, love the fabric. So glad I found your blog through Shannon Fabrics!

    1. Thanks, Margaret!! Sounds like we’re “neighbors. Yes, we’re getting some lovely weather now and I think the dress and shawl are a marvelous idea. 🙂 Hope you win!

  36. I love the double embrace gauze, the Colbat Rose is beautiful. I would love to make the tunic.

  37. I would make a dress/tunic similar to yours, I have a slightly different pattern I would love try!

  38. I love both your and Ellen’s tunics. The pockets are such a nice feature. I find myself adding pockets into my sewing projects whenever practical. It’s such shame that pockets aren’t a standard feature in women’s clothing. I was intrigued when I saw that you were featuring double gauze fabric in this blog post. Just last week I was looking at the same fabric for a vintage wrap dress I’d like to make. I think that double gauze will drape nicely for a carefree summer look.

    1. Thanks, Lydia! Embrace Double Gauze does have wonderful drape. You’ll love it! I totally agree about pockets. I keep pocket patterns pinned to the wall next to my cutting table so I can add them as you do. Hope you win! 🙂

  39. I have never sewn with double gauze, but I think a tunic would be a great place to start.

  40. I’ve never seen double gauze fabric before but would love to try either of the 2 tops you both made as I love them both! wondering how the fit would be with someone with a tummy?

    1. Oh, there’s a tummy under there, Debbie, so I think you’d be fine! Haha!! I work with my body measurements and compare them to the actual pattern piece so I can make adjustments before I cut. For our precious tummy area, I add 3 to 4 inches of ease to my body measurement and then I know how wide to make the pattern. Hope that helps! You can do it!! 🙂

  41. Oh I do love the cobalt colorway of this print! My favorite summer pattern for gauze/double gauze is the Cashmerette Webster, I’d love to have one made from this fabric.

  42. Annette, I would make a cowl neck tunic, similar to yours. It’s lovely! This gauze has enough body and give to hold it nicely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  43. I’ve been looking for some double gauze that wasn’t juvenile! This is a beautiful print! I’d love to make a sundress with this fabric. But seeing your pattern, which has been on my radar also (along with the school house tunic), I’d might be twinning you! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

    1. Either one sounds great, Susan! I love the selection of non-juvenile prints that Shannon Fabrics makes. So many temptations!!

  44. Double gauze is awesome for summer heat. And what a cute top you made! I’m a beginner and working on a muslin version of a simple tunic top with 3/4 sleeve. Would love to try the real thing in double gauze!

    1. Thank you, Leanne and welcome to the wonderful world of sewing!! Double Gauze is terrific and you would love it. Hope you win! 🙂

  45. I would probably make the tunic – I love it and already have several made out of different materials. I love that color on you and think it looks very flattering….

  46. I would love to win this fabric. I would either make the same Tunic or the Easy Top. I’ve seen many of them posted in daouble gauze and they look so nice. But I love the neckline on yours!! Thank you for the opportunity.

  47. Gorgeous fabric! I would probably make a sundress, maybe the Blank Slate Leralynn, the Sinclair Karma, or even one of the layers in the Sew Liberated Metamorphic Dress!

  48. Oh my … how to make up my mind … I think I’d want more than a tunic – especially with 3 yards to work with! It would be gorgeous as a long easy fitting summer dress. The Everyday Tank lengthened to mid-calf could work. New Look’s 6565 or 6511. It should ‘float’.

  49. That’s an easy answer for me. I would make this Tunic! I love the neckline and have been eyeing this pattern for a while now!

    1. Excellent ideas, Rhonda!! We’re on the same wave length. I have an Everyday Tank made from Double Gauze and I’ve been thinking about the kimono, too. We could do some Twinning if you win! 🙂

  50. I haven’t used double gauze before but it looks interesting and I love the color and would like to try the tunic!

  51. I have been wanting to try sewing something with a double gauze. LOVE the print and the pattern.

  52. That double qauze in rose print (in either color) is sumptuous! Worked up as Indygo Junction’s Urban Tunic is just perfect for warm summer days. I’ve been wanting to try out both the double gauze and the Urban Tunic, so why not combine them as you did, and sew up a perfectly breezy outfit to finish out my favorite season.

  53. I’ve been dieting (and losing weight!) and since I’ve been making alterations to all of my summer pants and capris, I thought I’d treat myself to some fabric to make a top with another Amy B. pattern, the Slight Sleeve Top & Tunic ( I do like more of a sleeve for myself). I just bought a couple yards of a lilac double gauze because I had heard that it was easy to sew with and would be cooler to wear (while having hot flashes in the Arizona heat) 😉 I would love to win this giveaway and make another top to help me keep my cool this Summer 🙂

    1. Congratulations on your accomplishment, Margaret!! Bravo! Sounds like you’re having great fun with your summer sewing and staying cool in the heat. Hope you win so you can sew even more!

  54. Oh my, I haven’t yet used the Double Gauze but I would love to! I’m thinking maybe a simple dress or romper would be cute! Thank you for the chance to win! 😍

  55. I really like your tunic. I have had that pattern on my sewing list for some time. Now i definitely need to make one.

  56. Hi there – I came across your blog post by happenstance and enjoyed reading it top to bottom. I am a quilter but have been itching to sew for ME! I would love to make the Urban Tunic as it looks so comfy!! Thank you!

    1. Hi Judy! Thank you – I’m so glad you stopped by!! You would love the Urban Tunic and probably all of the Indygo Junction patterns. They’re really great for quilters just like you who are dipping into sewing for themselves. Hope you win!! 🙂

  57. BEAUTIFUL! Not only is double gauze my most favorite fabric in the world, but tomorrow (July 12th) is my birthday. What a wonderful gift that would be 🙂

  58. Love the drape and flow of the fabric as it is in your tunic! I have a rather “lumpy” figure from an accident and I’m trying to make clothing that accommodates my new figure. That tunic looks like it would be a fabulous pattern to add to my collection.

  59. Well Annette I think you just made the case for me to try my new Urban Tunic pattern in double gauze! So that is exactly what I would do with it if I would win! That pattern has been calling my name since it arrived and this sounds perfect!

  60. Where have I been? This is a new-to-me fabric and I’d love to try it. Hmmm. Three yards should be enough for me with another for a granddaughter.

  61. What beautiful fabrics! I would love to make a sundress or tunic for myself or a romper for my daughter. She would LOVE the pink roses!

  62. The tunic would be my choice, I have been looking for something like this. THANKS for the opportunity to enter

  63. What a great giveaway! I’d make the Urban Tunic too. Can’t beat a sleeveless tunic with pockets in double gauze. Perfect!

  64. I’d make a kimono for myself and, with the scraps, some bits and pieces for my soon-to-arrive granddaughter. Things like blankets, washcloths and the like depending on how much there is.

    1. How lovely, Linda. I love your plan! I’ve used Double Gauze scraps to big burp cloths and I’ve heard they’re great. Congrats on the almost-here granddaughter!! <3

  65. Oh I’ve been looking for beautiful double gauze to make myself a cool and comfortable summer tunic. Anything I can find here is in a baby print. And I know Shannon Fabrics will be of the upmost quality. I’d be so excited to win some!!

  66. I love your choice of pattern. I have a kimono pattern that I would use with the beautiful double gauze fabric. I like to keep me arms covered in the sun.

  67. oh my, such lovely fabric. I would likewise make a tunic but possible with a flair to feel the breeze !!

  68. Hi Annette,
    I’d make Simplicity 8603 as I can see it works great with this pattern. I got the pattern out the other day and thought I need to make this up. And, this double gauze would be perfect! Its lovely fabric.

  69. really gorgeous dress, must be so comfy to wear. I’m now sewing a jacket with this kind of pocket and I’m going to follow the instructions closely!
    This double gauze is sophisticated enough for a kimono jacket!

  70. I can’t wait to make my summer strap top with my 3 yards.. Annette. It will be perfect. And just awesome for my Birthday on July 15th. Wish me luck Annette.

  71. The urban tunic is at the top of my “to make” list, so if I win the giveaway that is what I will be making with the fabulous double gauze! I was so excited to see double gauze in a “grown up” print!
    Thanks for the chance to win it!

  72. I would definitely make a summer, sleeveless tunic for our hot Arizona days. Beautiful fabric.

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