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It’s the end of National Quilting Month and I have just a little more quilting for you! In my freelance work for Coats and Clark, I put together two posts this month that quilters and non-quilters will love. Take a look below, then click over to Coats Sewing Secrets blog to learn about Color Value and The Quilt Discovery Experience!

The Quilt Discovery Experience

Quilt Discovery Experience Blocks
Image Source: Quilt Discovery Experience

I am in awe of the historical legacy left to us by those who sewed and quilted as they journeyed across America in search of a new life. It’s an incredible treasure to be connected to those hard-working, hard-sewing women of long ago! In Beatrice NE, the Homestead National Monument Park pays homage to quilts and their amazing makers in The Quilt Discovery Experience. I hope to visit there someday and learn from the beautiful tribute they’ve created!

Tribute Star Quilt
Image Source: Bryan House Quilts

My post for Coats and Clark includes quilt designs to inspire your own discovery experience. I chose several traditional blocks and included instructions for their lovely, modern sisters. You’ll find info about the Quilt Discovery Experience, too. Click here to read my post on Coats Sewing Secrets blog!

Color Explosion Quilt
Image Source: Bonjour Quilts

Using Color Value in Quilting

Color Value! A concept that often strikes fear in our hearts when we’re choosing fabrics for quilts and other handmade projects. So, I gathered several wonderful tutorials and quilt designs that will move you towards color fearlessness. You can do this!

Color Blocked Baby Quilt
Image Source: Polka Dot Chair

If color seems like a daunting mystery, I know you long to feel confident in a fabric store. I learned a lot about color from these talented ladies and I know you’re going to enjoy the post. Click here to read my post for Coats and Clark – Using Color Value in Quilting.

So, Happy National Quilting Month and high five to my quilting friends!! You are carrying on a tradition that helped build our nations and practicing a valuable art that should never be forgotten. If I wore a hat while I’m sewing, I’d be tipping it to you. And, I hope you can hear my heartfelt applause and appreciation!




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