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10 Minute Fabric Gift Bags

The next to last installment in my Christmas Crafting series! Fabric Gift Bags were one of the goodies I made for the one-night mini Craft Bazaar at our church. I’ve always thought these were great since I’m all for more fabric, more of the time. If you have Christmas fabric leftovers, this is a great way to use them and they’re perfect for any other time of the year, too. Plus, Fabric Gift Bags are reusable and could become a new tradition!

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Fabric Bags Positively Splendid
Image Source: Positively Splendid blog

Quick, quick and super quick was one of the main requirements for the things I made for the Bazaar. So, I used my buddy Google to find an easy to follow, simple, fast, unlined Fabric Bag tutorial. I was very pleased with the one I found on the Positively Splendid blog! Amy’s instructions are terrific and, although I made my bags in various sizes, I pretty much followed her tutorial otherwise. Click here so you can benefit from her talent, too!

Fabric bags on bazaar table

My bags were sized according to the ultra-technical “what can I get out of this scrap” theory. You’re familiar with that theory, right? They were also sewn on the serger using the same color of thread, so they would be incredibly quick to make. They really did take about 10 minutes each!

Inside of bag

Pro Tip: Because I serged my top edges, I did not turn them under twice for the hem as the Positively Splendid tutorial instructs. I don’t see them as heirlooms and quick was the driving force here. “May the quick be with you!”

The Offray ribbon I purchased was inexpensive and fit that requirement for my Bazaar projects. I do love the wider ribbon used in Amy’s tutorial, but the 1/4″ grosgrain I bought worked just fine. By making the Gift Bags quickly and using less expensive ribbon, I was able to price them at $3.00 and $4.00 each and they did sell.

Finished Bag

The bags that were left from the Bazaar are on their way to shine under the trees of friends and family. So, making Gift Bags was definitely a good thing and I will do it again in the future.  Also, the sparkly pieces that Amy of Positively Splendid added to her Drawstring Bags? Oh. My. Aren’t they exquisite?! I love that idea and my future bags will have baubles added. For kids, it would be fun to tie a little stuffie animal or other toy on the outside!

Okay, that’s it – go forth and bag!! I bet you can find 10 minutes here and there to whip up a gift bag or six. And, Santa will appreciate the help!




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