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Crafty Christmas Sewing – More Blogging, More Sewing

It’s been a while and now is the perfect moment to share posts I’ve written for Coats and Clark Sewing Secrets blog with you. I’m pretty sure some of you are still trying to figure out what you can stitch up for Christmas, so I’m here to help! There are fun things for everyone here, even my quilty friends. And, don’t worry, I won’t ask for a show of hands, so this is just between you and me. Stay calm and read on . . .

Image Source: The Spruce

Quilted Christmas Wall Hangings

This was a fun post to put together and if you’re a quilter, there may still be time to stitch up one or more of these lovelies. Or, you can make a smaller version, like just a row or three of the one above. This may also be the time to start a project for next year! Click here for my Deck the Walls With a Quilted Christmas Wall Hanging post.

Pomegranate Table Topper
Image Source: Buzzin’ Bumble blog

Quilt a Christmas Table

Table Toppers have a way of transforming any surface and taking it from plain to delightful. So, I chose several for this next post that are really yummy. I love, love, love the pomegranate topper above! If your table is already festively topped, these would make wonderful gifts, too. Click here for my Quilted Christmas Table Toppers post.

Sew a Christmas Card
Image Source: Sew it Seams blog

Handsewn Cards & Tags

One of the joys of my Christmas crafting season is making cards and tags. So, I was totally thrilled to find so many tutorials on ones that can be sewn from bits of cardstock, fabrics and trims. I set up a seven day plan themed around Christmas carols for making these cheery little treats. The full-of-wonder night time cards above are my favorite! Click here for my Seven Days of Christmas Cards and Tags to Sew post.

Santa Hat Chair Covers
Image Source: Make It & Love It blog

With a Hearty Ho Ho Ho!

We can’t leave out Santa, of course and the tutorials in this post are guaranteed to make you jolly. I mean, who could be grumpy with Santa Hat covers on their chair backs?! So, if you need a bit of merry and a whole lot of bright, check out my Santa Style Sewing Comes to Town post – click here.

Bazaar Table
Baskets, bags, trees, napkins and potholders – oh, my!

But, wait, that’s not all . . . I’ve been doing some crafty Christmas sewing, too! Watch this spot for a post on the goodies I made for a Christmas Bazaar last week. I’ve got lots of pictures and quick elfish sewing ideas for you – soon!!

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