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Where are my Tula Pink fans? I know you’re out there and I have Tu-riffic news for you!

Mark this date on your calendar – now – December 14th. That’s the date that The Sewful Life will be participating in the Coloring With Thread Blog Tour!! Got it marked? Excellent – here’s a little more info.

Coloring With Thread is Tula Pink’s newest book and it’s all about the gentle, mindful are of hand embroidery. Perfect, right?! Tula’s fanciful sense of whimsy translates beautifully into these designs and you are going to LOVE (yes, I’m shouting) this book. I was privileged to play a small part in the book and you’ll hear all about it right here on December 14th.

Image from The Quilting Company

In the meantime, click here to read the post about Tula’s Coloring With Thread book on The Quilting Company web site. And, since you’re entitled to stacks and stacks of more stitching fun, here’s the list of Blog Tour stops so you can hop in right now!

Monday, November 27th — The Quilting Company

Tuesday, November 28th — Minki Kim, Minki’s Worktable

Wednesday, November 29th — Nichole Vogelsinger, Wildboho

Thursday, November 30th — Amanda Carestio, Sew Daily

Friday, December 1st — Nydia Kehnle, Nydia Kehnle Design

Monday, December 4th — Sharon Burgess, Lilabelle Lane Creations

Tuesday, December 5th — Cindy Guch, Raspberry Sunshine

Wednesday, December 6th — Sandi Sawa Hazlewood, Crafty Planner

Thursday, December 7th — Wynn Tann, zakkaArt

Friday, December 8th — Elise Baek, Elise & Emelie

Monday, December 11th — Ann Blalock, Coats & Clark Sewing Secrets

Tuesday, December 12th — Sara Lawson, Sew Sweetness  * Watch the Facebook Live video at 7pm CST

Wednesday, December 13th — Nancy Jewell, Free Spirit Fabrics

Thursday, December 14th —Annette Allison Millard, The Sewful Life

Friday, December 15th — Brenna Riley Gates, The Quilting Company

Tula Pink fabrics
Image from

If you don’t know about Tula Pink and her amazing designs, you can click here to learn more. Although, quilting is just a tiny part of my sewing life, I am totally hooked on Tula’s Free Spirit fabric designs. I have the stash in my Sewing Spa to prove it! They’re perfect for totes, handbags, dresses, tunics, tops and, and . . .  Take a look, enjoy, and get that book on your Christmas List. Or, click here, order it now and help Santa out – he’s pretty busy this time of year!

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Moment of Further Truth:
This post includes an affiliate link and I may receive a small payment if you make a purchase using that link. Thank you if you do – it helps to keep The Sewful Life stitching along and I sincerely appreciate your support. F + W will be sending me a copy of Tula’s book in exchange for my part in the production of the book. BUT, the rest of this is all me and I only rave about things if I truly believe in them!

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