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Coats Zippers
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I have a fascination and love affair going with zippers and the totally-stuffed-full, lidded shoebox to prove it. There’s just so much potential in the not-so-humble zipper! All those teeth, all that tape. I love thinking creatively about using a  zip for more than just sewing it into a jacket, skirt or pants!! Oh, zippers, how I love thee . . .

Schiaparelli dress detail
Image Source: Collectors Weekly blog

Did you know that the divine Elsa Schiaparelli revolutionized the use of zippers in women’s clothing? Her designs from the 1930’s are amazing!! Makes me want to add zips to all the things, all the time!

It was fascinating to research and find great tutorials for the Zippers – Thinking Outside the Teeth and Tape post I wrote for Coats and Clark’s Sewing Secrets. I learned about decorative applications for zippers, adding them to purchased items to create a new design and how to embellish the tape. It’s been a very popular post for Coats, so I thought I should make sure you all saw it, too!

Click here to visit the Sewing Secrets blog and read the post. Now, out the door with you to buy more zips because now you have a reason!

Do you have a favorite zipper trick? I’d love to hear about it!

Sewing with joy – always,

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