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Stitch ‘n Pitch – My Knitful Life

When I’m not sewing or sleeping, I’m usually knitting and I love going to the Seattle Mariners Stitch ‘n Pitch event each Summer. This is a night at the ballpark for knitters and stitchers of all kinds and it began right here in Seattle. If you’ve never gone, you can come with me today!

This picture is from several years ago when author Debbie Macomber threw out the First Pitch. Pacific Fabrics customers knitted squares and we “Covered the Glove”. The squares were later sewn into blankets and donated to kids in need through World Vision.

For many years as the Marketing and Web Manager for Pacific Fabrics, I had the awesome responsibility of coordinating Stitch ‘n Pitch with the Mariners.

Me and Maureen
With Maureen from the Mariners

I had a lot of fun, made wonderful friends and the Mariners’ staff was incredible to work with. It was a group effort at the PacFab office and stores and it never would have happened without all the staff participation. They were wonderful!

view from the field
The view from down on the field.

In the Spring of 2016, I got a phone call from the Mariners asking me if I’d like to throw out the First Pitch for the Stitch ‘n Pitch game that year. After dropping the phone, doing a happy dance and screaming, I said YES!!!

Throwing the pitch
Throwing the pitch.

You can click here to see a video of my First Pitch. It’s only thanks to the training of my dear friend, Patty, that I was actually able to throw the ball!

The whole fam
The Fam on the field

The Mariners were super-great hosts, let my whole family come down to the field with me and had amazing seats for us just  two rows up from the field.

on the New Day set
On the New Day Northwest set with Maureen from the Mariners

One year before that, the Mariners invited Pacific Fabrics to appear with them on the Seattle New Day Northwest Show to talk about Stitch ‘n Pitch and teach the audience to knit. I sat up on the stage and half a dozen or so faithful PacFab staffers sat in the audience to help the newbie knitters.

Staff in audience
Pacific Fabrics staff in the New Day audience

This was not an easy task and the staff in the audience was amazing.  I did hear later that one of the producers actually picked it up and has been knitting ever since. Great job ladies!! Click here to see the New Day video.

Leaving the field
After my First Pitch

Tomorrow, I am looking forward to my first Stitch ‘n Pitch as a “civilian”. I won’t be working in a booth or down on the field, but the memories I’ll carry with me will be priceless. I’ll sit with friends in the stand, actually watch the game and thoroughly enjoy myself in a whole new way!

Chris at CIJ

Chris Groce, my former co-worker and the fabulous spokesperson and demonstration queen for Pacific Fabrics will be throwing out the First Pitch and I am SO excited for her. If you’re part of the Seattle sewing community, you know Chris and that she’s extremely inspiring and cheerful. Chris is also a big Mariner’s fan AND, it’s her birthday tomorrow. Look for her in the Pacific Fabrics booth so you can tell her congrats and give her a birthday hug. She so deserves this honor!

If you’re near Seattle, I hope you’ll join me at Safeco Field on Thursday, July 20th at 7:00 pm. Tickets are still available and you can bring your project to work on. It’s an incredibly fun experience! Click here for ticket info. If you’re not near Seattle, check with your local team to see if they have a Stitch ‘n Pitch event planned this year. I want you to have fun, too!

ready to pitch close up

And, for all you knitters, that gorgeous shawl you see me wearing is the local Stick Chick Knits Hermosa shawl. I knit it in local Huckleberry Knits My Oh My sock yarn for the 2015 Stitch ‘n Pitch game and I’ll be wearing it again this year. Kind of fuzzy in this picture, but you can see it well in the New Day Northwest segment. It goes beautifully with the stunning Mariners shirt my family bought me for my First Pitch last year!

Thanks for joining me in a moment or two of my Knitful Life. I hope you enjoyed rolling around in a bit of yarn with me. Now, let’s get back to sewing!

Moment of Further Truth:
Pacific Fabrics provided the yarn and shawl pattern for me because I worked for them at the time. But, the rest of this is all me and I only gush about things if I truly believe in them!

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