Me Made May 2017 – Week Two

I’m REALLY enjoying Me Made May!! I committed to myself that I would wear something I made each day of May 2017 and it has been revolutionary for me.

Here’s a recap of Week Two. If you missed Week One, click here. And, if you’d like to see my May Makes every day, follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (a new spot!). Okay, n with the show . . . . .

Day 8 – The Blue Hoodie – stars with jeans

When I worked for locally-owned Pacific Fabrics, we often sewed samples to go on display in the stores. I was thrilled to have the chance to stitch up Nancy Zieman’s Cape Cod Jacket pattern in a denim look, splash print, knit. I couldn’t just do it “as is”, though, so I used the “wrong” side of the fabric for accents, added a vintage button and pre-made gingham bias trim at the neck. It’s been around for several years now, still looks great and I still feel good wearing it!

Day 9 – Floral Poly Tunic – because I’m a girl who loves a little twirl

Honestly, I have no idea why I haven’t made about six of these! I love, love, love this tunic made from Simplicity 1323. The design checks off all the boxes for quick-to-make, fits well, feels comfy, looks great and has TWIRL. I used a floral poly knit from my CCFS (Carefully Curated Fabric Stash) for this glorious, swing style, tunic trimmed in stretch black lace. One of my faves and you’ll see it again on Day 14.

Vest on me front view

Day 10 – The Vest – the one I didn’t actually wear, but I think you’ll give me a pass

You know life happens and sometimes we can’t follow through with our plans, but . . . it’s okay. When that happened on Day 10, I decided that writing a blog post about my upcycled Vogue 8088 vest would be just as good, so that’s what I did. Read it and see what you think!

Urban Tunic front

Day 11 – The Incredibly Perfect Urban Tunic – that I need to make again . . . and again

I call this The Perfect Tunic because it’s quick to make, comfy to wear and I get compliments. It’s Indygo Junction’s Urban Tunic and I made my own “border print” for it. It already has its own blog post from March – click here to read it!

Day 12 – Dotted Crepe Tunic – made from fabric I was forced to buy

This retro-look, poly, crepe dot print grabbed me by the arm and forced me to buy it You’ve had that happen, right? It’s an exquisite fabric and I loved stitching it up into BurdaStyle 6786. I originally thought I’d use a bright red chiffon for the border, but it just wasn’t the right “pairing”. When I tried a soft grey instead, the “meal” was complete. Just a tiny bit of twirl on this one – enough to keep me happy!

Day 13 – Knit Batik Tee – with embellishments and troll

At a show one year, I told Diane Ericson that I owned paints and stencils, couldn’t seem to get myself to use them and she made me stop right there at her booth and try it. Since this shirt was next up in the project queue, I got the paints out and played. Black and gold stenciling and wood block prints, topped by gold of the same, a little variegated chain stitch, a few beads and I was hooked! It was fun twisting and turning the “stripe” of this knit batik from CNT Pattern Company for Katherine Tilton’s Vogue 8817. Another favorite and I need to make more. A moment with Seattle’s Fremont Troll made this a fabulous Day 13!


Day 14 – Floral Poly Tunic – repeat appearance on Mother’s Day

I wore the Floral Tunic I sewed and love again on Day 14. But it is my daughter, my son and my daughter-in-law that are the most rewarding “makes” in my life. They fill me with joy, make me proud and are the people I most love being with. They faithfully honor me with their presence and gifts every Mother’s Day and I am so very, truly grateful. And, if I keep typing I’ll start to cry. . .

So, that was my week! Although some of my fabulously encouraging followers think that I’ve been making something each day, I’m actually wearing things that I’ve already made. And, you know what, I now realize how often I make something and then rarely wear it. What’s up with that? Why put in all that time, have all that fun and then let it just hang there. Well, nevermore! From now on, if it gets sewn, it gets worn and enjoyed! Are you with me??

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8 thoughts on “Me Made May 2017 – Week Two

  1. Lovely makes, very inspiring! I think I need to copy and make myself some twirly tunics! And I love the troll! I rarely see them, but I know they’re there – under almost every bridge!

  2. I have just learned of your blog from Rhonda at Sew Busted. Wonderful style! I have just finished my first Urban Tunic and so I’m glad to see yours here. I’ll be back.

    1. Thanks so much, Martha!! I’ve been following you on Bloglovin’ and love what you make. I’m glad to have a new sewing friend!

  3. I have been looking more at the Simplicity 1323 pattern and thinking of using one color per right side and another or a print for the left side to change it up.

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