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There’s a Sewing App For That

Sewing in the cyber age is amazing! The amount of information we have at our fingertips, the opportunity to connect with sewists from all over the world and then YouTube – oh, my!!! So, what about apps? I’ve got a list for you! Disclaimer: I’m an Apple Addicted girl, so these are all Iphone apps. Many of them are available for other platforms though, so check your app store.

Sewing Apps McCalls

McCall Pattern Company Stickers

  • Cute ways to chat about sewing? Yes, please! This is a brand new app from McCall Pattern Company, just introduced on March 27th  It won’t help you sew better, but it will definitely make your Sewful Life  a lot more fun. It’s compatible with Imessages (Iphone to Iphone) only right now, but I bet it will show up in an Android version soon.

Sewing Apps Schmetz

Schmetz Needles App 

  • Such a great app with such amazing information about the best needles ever. It’s the phone version of 911 for your needle woes. Learn about needle anatomy (who knew a needle had an anatomy?), which Schmetz needle to use for what fabric and what all those color codes mean. It even tells you how to open the package. Every sewist should have this one!


Sewing Apps Laundry_edited-1

Laundry Symbols

  • Oh, my, goodness, I cannot tell you how much grief this app has saved me! What on earth do those crazy little symbols mean and how are we supposed to remember – right? This app is the solution to your laundering questions whether it’s fabric, yarn or clothes hanging in your closet. So, so helpful!


Sewiing Apps Pantone

Pantone Color

  • Explore color trends, try out Pantone color combinations, look for colors that match a picture on your phone that you love. Color guides are tailored to the interests you select and there are links to blog articles and lots of fun colory things to play with. This is pretty handy for planning color blocking and figuring out how to use remnants together or what colors you want to stencil – that kind of sewishness.

Sewing Apps Vogue

Vogue Runway

  • As a fashion sewing addict, Vogue Runway is probably the phone app I love the best. Videos and stills of all runway shows for all designers are available at your fashion craving fingertips. I could literally view images and vids on this app all….day…..long. I love the inspiration of ready-to-wear and couturier fashion and there it is, with me at all times!

Fabric U 

  • This is an older app and my phone always warns me that it may make my system operate more slowly. If it does, I haven’t noticed and I love this app – so it stays. You’ll find page after page of definitions and descriptions of different kinds of fabric. Perfect for newbie sewists and pretty interesting for more experienced stitchers, too.

Creativebug, Craftsy, Creative Live, YouTube

  • All the major crafty, creative video sites have great apps you can use to access their free and/or purchased content. I’m not sure about the others, but Craftsy classes can be downloaded to your phone or tablet so they can be viewed offline. So, if you’re out in the middle of the forest, you can still add to your sewing skills!

Pattern & Fabric Tracking

  • Pattern Box, Stash Star, My Sewing Patterns, Evernote, , , . I’ve seen lots of these apps and I know there are many that have thousands of fans. I haven’t found one that quite works for me yet, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t. The concept is thrilling. You upload your patterns and fabrics and your phone becomes your magic fabric shopping friend. If you have a favorite system, let me know in the comments. I’m still looking!

Quilting & Machine Embroidery

  • These arts are outside the realm of my Sewful Life – right now anyway. I know there are some really helpful and wonderful apps available, though, so you should definitely go looking. Quilting apps can include interfaces that help you figure yardage, how much binding you’ll need and other powerful tools. I bet you’ll find a few that become  a must-have part of your mobile toolbox!

National Craft & Fabric Stores 

  • Hobby Lobby, JoAnn and more. Most of the major fabric and craft retailers offer mobile apps. You’ll find the weekly ad, a search function, free projects and( drum roll) – COUPONS! Clipping is annoying and keeping track of clipped coupons is crazy-making, so having coupons available right on your phone means you’ll actually get to use them!

Simplicity Patterns Sewing

  • Look up and track patterns you own, shop and create a wish list for the ones you don’t and view the front and back of any Simplicity or New Look pattern. This is a great timesaver and they’ve included space for storing fabric images and planning your projects. The McCall Pattern Group (McCall’s, Vogue, Butterick, Kwik-Sew) does not have an app like this, but I have seen a few for independent pattern companies.

Mimi G Style 

  • If you’re a Mimi G fan, you probably already have this one, but if not, give it a try. Mimi is a dynamic sewist/designer who loves to inspire and the app is full of that. You’ll see what’s new with Mimi, quickly link over to her blog and enjoy sewing tips and advice straight from Miss G.

Fabric Companies

  • Check these out. I don’t have any personal favorites right now, but fabric companies love their customers and you may find some super valuable mobile helpers! Start with your favorite fabric company and see what you find.

Sewing Magazines

  • Threads, Sew News, Simply Sewing, Mollie Makes, Sewing World, Sew, Love Sewing and more. The magazine apps that I’ve tried are basically “readers” for those who have subscribed to the magazine and you’re not getting any actual free content. But . . . if you’re a subscriber, it’s really cool to be able to access your favorite mag right from your phone or tablet!

All the Rest

  • There are lots of apps out there and I know I haven’t covered them all. If you really crave sewing 24/7, you can download digital sewing games, too! A note of caution, though – don’t pay for an app until you have researched it, read reviews and are sure it will meet your needs. Apps usually aren’t expensive, but, hey, that’s money you could spend on fabric – so why waste any pennies at all!

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  1. Unfortunately, the Bernina App has been discontinued. I loved tracking my inventory in the App! Do you happen to know of any generic Apps that might offer the ability to track the Bernina feet?

    Thank you!

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