Too Too Tula Tula Pink Pink Stitchery

Where are my Tula Pink fans? I know you're out there and I have Tu-riffic news for you! Mark this date on your calendar - now - December 14th. That's the date that The Sewful Life will be participating in the Coloring With Thread Blog Tour!! Got it marked? Excellent - here's a little more… Continue reading Too Too Tula Tula Pink Pink Stitchery

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Inspiration! – The Volunteers of CTAW

Last Saturday, a group of 70+ women who are incredibly important to sewing in the Pacific Northwest gathered for their annual meeting. If you've attended the Puyallup WA Sewing & Stitchery Expo, you know these women. They are the tireless volunteers who are the heart and soul of the Sewing Expo and the real secret… Continue reading Inspiration! – The Volunteers of CTAW